Jessica Clarke

Jessica Clarke

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Threads ; The online marketplace for vegan approved clothing, accessories and cosmetics

My degree has challenged and advanced my skills ready for my professional pursuits,

offering me the opportunities to gain experience in PR,Buying, Advertising and Events.

The selection of modules have encouraged me to become a dedicated and highly motivated individual with core interests of business, sustainability and trends; Currently looking for employment within the marketing/PR sector.

My final year at Birmingham City University has been focused on wellbeing, sustainability and online retailing.

I have done extensive consumer and industry research; particularly relating to online influencers and independent businesses, including interviewing author Colin Wright and networking with brands such as Nanushka, Sansceuticals and Plant Faced.

For my dissertation I focused on wellbeing and mindfulness, investigating the new value seekers tribe with a focus on the retail sector.

With this knowledge, my competition module was then focussed on researching the correlation between wellbeing, mindfulness, sustainability and veganism. This led me to creating an online marketplace for sustainable products.

Lastly, my final major project involved creating a business and marketing plan, with financial analysis, social media and online mock ups to evidence and showcase my concept of an entirely vegan online marketplace for clothing accessories and cosmetics named Threads.

My overall aim is to work with brands, individuals and initiatives focussed on improving the ethics and sustainability of the fashion industry.