Jessica Carlyle

Jessica Carlyle

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: He's the man


The modern day man is influenced by a number of factors and trends, such as change in culture, economic status and the media.
A Spornosexual is a portmanteau of the words sport and pornstar, referring to a male’s muscular build and the image of their physique they share onto social media.
The modern day man is influenced by a number of factors and trends, such as change in culture, economic status and the media; all contributing towards the 21st century male working against their current fitness norms, in order to fashion their bodies into a media spectacle. There has been a rapid rise of UK spornosexuals; a term which is a combination of the words sport and pornstar. This refers, not only to the athletic bodies males are striving to achieve, but also to the sexually charged nature of the images they share on social media. Through final year dissertation research, one of the main contributing factors to this is austerity, due to the rise and fall of the British economy. It appears that the less disposable income society has, the more muscular males become. This has resulted in the vast rise of budget gyms.

Active Analysis is a personal genetic health and fitness plan designed through members genetic data. This concept was developed for Virgin Active health clubs, after FMP research presented the effect that budget gyms had on high end membership numbers. Virgin Active's latest business goal is to upgrade and expand their portfolio of UK Collection clubs, therefore this innovation will be launched in the luxury health clubs located around The City of London. The strategy behind this is to accelerate investment into their UK and global estate. The largest video displays highlights from the Active Analysis business plan, 12 month financial forecast and the marketing strategy, created as part of Final Major Project. Through this project, skills within collaboration, consumer research, marketing and event planning were developed ready to pursue a career within a marketing and events team.

‘One’ is a visual merchandising concept, created within a team of five, for Selfridges Birmingham. This second year project enabled me to showcase skills within collaboration and presenting, which is essential within the events industry. Through in-depth research a gap was identified in the market to target a novel concept to young, trendy fathers; the creation of a personalised sports shoe concession, where a different artist will visit the store each week and dads and their kids can choose a pair of the latest high fashion trainers, in white, to be customised in any way they wish, while they wait. This concept was successfully pitched to the managers at Selfridges Birmingham, achieving first place and resulting in the project being displayed in their store for 12 months.

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