Jessica Bayliss

Jessica Bayliss

COURSE: Fashion 2021


Design for Performance 2021


Carnival of the Animals

A Collaborative project between Jessica Bayliss, Suzanna Dear and Abigail Hart. We will be designing for a hypothetical ballet called "Carnival of the Animals" Our costumes were completed at half scale and photographed by Emily Jacob.

Carnival of the Animals– A young boy falls asleep in the Museum of Natural History and wakes up to see everyone he knows has turned into animals. This is changed to follow the story of a young man who has come home from war with shell shock, due to this he is confused and pictures all his past friends and relatives that have died as animals. He will be in colour with the rest of the characters in white in Victorian clothing– with the Victorian clothing adding to his confusion.

We also had a mentorship from Candice Newton from The Hamburg Ballett School. She proved to be extremely helpful throughout the project and gave us insight into how ballet costumes are made in the industry.

The character I took forward into my final make was Oliver's Mother, she was represented by a cuckoo. I enjoyed the process of looking into techniques to create the look of feathers within the tutu and beading on the bodice. I also incorporated a Japanese pattern cutting technique to the back of my bodice. It created a wonderful feather-like aesthetic to the costume and I am very pleased with the outcome.

As a team, we completed a business plan for our own business 'SewOnPointe'. This allowed us to think of our future careers and gave us a head start in potentially starting our own business together.