Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Fashion Business & Promotion


Fashion business graduate currently seeking a career within the marketing and PR sector with a keen interest in creative design and advertising. My final year at university has incorporated all the skills developed throughout my degree such as business strategies, marketing techniques, analytic thinking and creative design. During this time at university I have recognised my strengths in creating engaging marketing material and have been able to research topics and sectors I have a passion for. My main topics have revolved around sport and how it, along with fashion, go hand in hand and have created some of the most memorable marketing campaigns of our time.

My dissertation topic explored this further by really delving into the relationship between fashion and sport. I was able to investigate specific sports people and the impact they have had on the fashion industry however It is not just professional sport that has had a significant effect on fashion. Gym wear and the activewear sector has also become a very prominent industry. This is due to platforms like Instagram and the role of social media influencers which has been integral in the rise in popularity of brands such as Gymshark. These companies use predominantly digital marketing techniques to provide their consumers with a continually engaging experience.

From this body of work, and my personal experience I was able to develop an idea for the sportswear industry while collaborating with Gymshark. They have mostly concentrated their efforts on the individual sports person, for this new concept Gymshark would look to provide a bespoke experience for team sports. This new concept would look to take the difficulty out of getting team wear for sports clubs and teams while employing all the innovation, creativity and the desirability of the Gymshark brand. Gymshark have seen rapid growth in such a short space of time and are continually expanding their product portfolio, it was therefore credible to use this brand as a collaborator for a new service within the sports industry. The aim of this project was to promote an inclusive image while providing luxury sportswear for amateur teams.