Jennifer Lofthouse

Jennifer Lofthouse


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As a Fashion Business & Promotion graduate (BA Hons), I am seeking to secure a job within the Events and Public Relations industry sector. Throughout my University course and six years of fashion retail experience, I have gained many skills including interpersonal communication, public speaking and intercultural understanding.


I chose to base my final year at University on studying data protection and the positives and negatives of data capture and analysis. This interest stemmed from a strong belief that individuals should have complete control over their own personal data.

For my dissertation, I studied the effects that online personalised shopping has had on the millennial consumer, finding that whilst millennials understand the benefits of data capture, they are made uncomfortable by the concept. It does, however, encourage them to spend more money particularly when an omnichannel approach is used. I then continued research into data capture through the rest of my third-year modules, ‘Competition’ and ‘Final Major Project’.

For my Final Major Project, I developed my concept and designed the marketing for ‘Google Slide’, a Google Chrome web plug-in that allows users to select their own personal preferences of how their personal data is shared online. The concept aligned with the 2018 GDPR legislation.

With the help of a collaborator, I designed a mock-up of how the Google Slide website will work, along with marketing material to show how Google will encourage their customers to use Google Slide for free using the Google homepage, which reaches an average of 3.5 billion users per day worldwide. I also planned marketing material for a launch event and considered the finances behind an event as well.

My creative outcomes were accompanied by a Business Report to support the launch of Google Slide, recognising Google Slide’s company objectives, range of consumers, key competitors, SWOT analysis and a financial forecast.

Reflecting back across my studies and time at University, I am positive that with my skills and experience, I am keen to pursue a successful career within the Events and PR industry.

Videos featured-
Video A (top) – Mock up of the Google Slide website
Video B (left) – Gif of the Google Slide logo
Video C (right) – Flip through of Google Slide marketing guide
Flip photos - Google Slide's 'Google Doodle' (marketing material)