Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


LOOP - Your Online Charity Shop


I am a graphically influenced BA (Hons) Fashion Branding and Communication graduate aspiring for a job within Graphic Design or Fashion & Lifestyle Branding. I would like to explore both sectors to gain an understanding of where my skill set is better suited. Throughout my university experience, I have been heavily influenced by graphically produced artwork. To inspire the range of colour and style of design within my work, to expose the tone and personality of the brand or graphical work obvious to others viewing for the first time.
Which is resembled within my self-promotion as I used bold colourfull illustrations as it is how I would represent my personality. It has been used throughout all of my platforms to keep a consistent representation.
As well as putting a range of transferable skills alongside over two years of retail experience within popular fashion retailers to put to use.

Final Major Project

My Final Major Project was based upon an online charity shop to enable consumers to request a LOOP disposal bag to discard garments that the owner no longer wants. LOOP came from research within my dissertation titled "Is Fast Fashion fuelling the Slow Fashion movement in Millennials" as I noticed the rate in which Millennials were purchasing garments from Fast Fashion brands and how quickly they were being disposed of on Depop. LOOP was created to enable consumers to get rid of their garments hassle-free and without needing to haggle prices and postage with other users.

Brand Generation

Within the second year, we were allowed to create our brand as well as the components to build a successful brand.
I created ONKA a graphically influenced Home Decor and Lifestyle brand collaborating with two BCU Surface Design students, to allow them to visualize their designs on possible home furnishings. From creating the Logo to Social Media marketing and ONKA's website holding the imagery of our collaboration advertisements, to act as a realistic visual for consumers to see.