Jenna Bytheway

Jenna Bytheway

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Kiehl's Concession

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak
40% of UK men use their girlfriends or wife’s beauty products on a weekly basis. - This is the beginning of educating men in the beauty industry ,it isn't just a world for women.
My dissertation explores how blogging has effected the beauty industry.The blogging industry has grown extensively starting as an online diary, becoming a consumers hobby leading to a full time profession. Blogs have now developed into vlogs and with websites such as Youtube, this is encouraged worldwide. It’s ability to educate and entertain whilst bringing people together who could never normally have interacted.

Generation D have grown up with the internet and are blogging fans. They follow various bloggers, watch their videos and follow their lifestyle. They see the blogger as role model and inspirational, teaching them everything they need to know. Social media has both positive and negative factors, many positives such as bringing people together, sharing ideas, products, tips and giving advice.

The blogging industry is ready to open up to a new male consumer, moving the interest to male grooming as studies show that men are now more interested in their appearance and using products. Male bloggers are slowly emerging, and making men feel more confident about using products and taking control of their appearance.

As men are becoming more interested in their looks and appearance, seeking more information on grooming products. The beauty and grooming industry are offering new opportunists to men. Influenced by social media , health and fitness and their partners. There is a lack of education for men ,creating male space with products men are more likely to open up to the beauty industry with out feeling that its a world for women. Introducing the 'Kiehl's concession' placed in Selfridges. To educate men , on why grooming products are important and how to use them , along with an onsite barbers , consultants and the opportunity to order the grooming box which is a service where men can get their Kiehl's products delivered to their door.

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