Jénai Henry

Jénai Henry

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: In-Power


“In-Power: The power to connect, The power to evolve, The power to be yourself”
“Self-Love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.”
I am a recent Birmingham City University graduate, achieving a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Business and Promotion.

Presented on this portfolio is a preview of my Final Major Project, this concept was a response to the research discovered in my Perspective Dissertation. The dissertation investigated whether the fashion industry is a contributing factor to the societal pressures applied on generation Y and Z. The aim of the study was to delve into the power in which the fashion industries marketing techniques hold, along with the additional influences from social media and celebrity culture. The determination behind the study was to find out if these factors are fuelling the rise in mental health issues within the younger generations.

‘In-Power’ can be defined as being an emerging health and wellbeing platform for females worldwide, created to empower and motivate each individual in a unique way. ‘In-Power’ is a multichannel lifestyle experience platform, consisting of a website and smart phone compatible application. 'In-Power' specialises in supporting a female’s personal and mental development towards acquiring unconditional Self-Love. Self-love should be an essential practise for every individual, as this mentality sets the foundations towards building a happy and fulfilling life.

‘In-Power’ will be the number one lifestyle guidance service that takes you away from the distractions of the world, with the aim to provide an escaping yet connecting experience. The platform encompasses several elements to channelling the power of your eternal self. As well as allowing communication with other users creating unity greater than the lonesome technological world.

My chosen career path is to venture into the sector of Public Relations and Fashion Marketing in a progressive organisation that provides opportunity to express and utilise my artistic abilities.

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