Jason Louis Kelsall

Jason Louis Kelsall

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Runway360


“The biggest problem we have is not what to buy but what to wear.” - @uriminkoff
“i believe it is the right thing to do in a digital world, where the consumer is a king and nobody wants to wait for anything” - Peter Ruis (Jigsaw chief executive)
The future will always be un-predictable, and the fashion runway is no exception. Today we see a once invite only event to a global live-streamed threatrical fashion show. The fashion runway has evolved quite excessively over the years, but one aspect that has stayed the same for over a decade is the fashion runway cycle, in the new age of consumer demand and digital media, the industry needs to keep up, with ‘instant’ being the word on every consumers lips, it is no surprise that the new cycle movement of ‘see now, buy now’ is catching fire, as it enables consumers to purchase items from the runway immediately after the show has ended. This study focuses on the future on runway, looking at the movement that brands are deciding to follow, and where the the ‘want now’ consumer has stemmed from.

My dissertation named "Fashion runway in the age of social media and consumer demand", through extensive research using both primary and secondary methods that were carried out concentrated on how the fashion and runway industry has changed and what is to come in the future, facing new changes such as the see now buy now movement.

Dissertation evolved and transitioned into my final major project named Runway 360, Runway 360 is a new multichannel runway Virtual Reality experience, with an aim in mind to create an immersive experience for the fashion-savvy consumers, giving them an insight into what it is like to sit front row at the biggest fashion shows in the world. The idea filtered through from dissertation, as I researched into the theatrical side of the runway and the experience brands want to create, with instant gratification increasing, consumers want the now and the experience as collated through primary research, which from this the end result was Runway 360.

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