Jasmine Parkes

Jasmine Parkes




Currently finalising a BA Honours in Fashion Business & Promotion at Birmingham City University. Alongside my course I have gained over 4 and a half years of retail experience, working for the UK's leading department store Selfridges&Co and also gaining experience in fashion product assessing at Newlife Fashion Charity for Disabled Children.

Over the duration of the course, my creative and corperate skills have developed immensely. This is showcased in a variety of the modules I have succeeded in such as Digital Marketing, Branding & PR for premium menswear brand Pretty Green, Trend Forecasting where I identified a new trend blossomed from sustainability and the natural world, Events Management where I controlled the social media for my teams event brand which held a fundraiser in aid of St. Basil's Charity, to finally my last year where I've been able to apply everything I have developed and refined into researching and developing a business idea of my choice.

After exploring the topic of "Is social media dependence a mental health issue?" in my dissertation, and undergoing multiple primary and secondary research supporting the question, this led me onto my competition module, where I identified through key drivers, market sector research and competitor research that there was not only a gap but an urgent need in the relevant market for a male-focused self-help app. During the competition module, the men. app was born.

"Focusing on the MEN in mental health"

After also identifying the harrowing statistics based around young males mental health, such as the leading cause of death in males aged under 35 is suicide, this pushed me to further research into the topic. The men. app creates a safe space for young males aged 18-25, who struggle to open up about their emotions and struggles due to toxic masculinity stereotypes that have been implemented into their brains from a young age. The app focuses on encouraging its consumers to share experiences, worries and support to fellow users, encourages self-care through meditation, skin care, digital diets and music, and also gives the user weekly blog reads.