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Jasmin West

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Marks & Spencers Holidays

'These aren't just holidays, these are M&S holidays'

A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, aspiring to obtain a role within the marketing sector. Studying this degree has broadened by knowledge beyond expectations, by learning a wide development of skills, transferable across various sectors such as; branding, PR, events management and digital marketing. Final year studies have sparked a passionate interest within the ageing population and the rapidly changing market trends surrounding these consumers.

Competition and Final Major Project:
Through extensive research into market trends and key drivers within the chosen sector, a proposal for a collaboration for Marks and Spencer and the travel industry, was pitched alongside a research document. This concept was developed throughout Final major project, presented in the format of a Business plan and Marketing Strategy.

The concept was developed to respond to the shift within current market trends and adhere to the demand from the ageing consumers. Baby boomers are a very misunderstood generation, with many of them feeling overlooked and patronized by brands. However, primary and secondary research suggests this generation are rebelling against traditional stereotypes and in effect are refusing to age gracefully. Therefore, now is the prime time for M&S to gain a market share within the travel industry which is currently a booming industry within boomers!

Consumers are now seeking real life meaningful connections that enable new experiences. With travel experiences being the most craved new collectors’ items. Globally, the older consumer outnumbers other age groups, they are expressing a growing interest in spending more time and money on travel experiences.

Video 1 (Top) is a walkthrough of the marketing plan for the collaboration, the plan highlights both digital and physical channels of marketing by ensuring a strong consumer awareness is obtained prior to the launch. Video 2 (Right) is a walk-through of the business plan, the plan explains the concept and justifies it with key drivers and current consumer trends. The business plan also covers areas such as brand operations and finance.