Jannah Oliver-Rowland

Jannah Oliver-Rowland

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Diversity in Beauty: Inclusivity and authenticity

"Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance" - Verna Meyers

A committed, hard working graduate seeking roles in public relations, marketing, buying and merchandising or events.

Modern brands claim to promote true diversity and inclusivity; however, research and personal analysis show that these brands focus on age, racial and gender discrimination. Mintel distinguishes that brands who are truly diverse cater to different ages, racial groups, body types, gender identities, disabilities, and religion (Khanom, 2019).

Research from my major project was heavily focused on the successful marketing strategies diverse brands use to target young women of colour. Study’s backing up the dissertation (Kefi et. al, 2016) state the significant impact culture has on brand marketing. Marketing materials which ignore key cultural aspects will negate consume confidence and interactivity. Additionally, a sense of belonging is increasingly important to these consumers.

The beauty industry has constantly excluded minority groups. The concept created for my Independent Final Project was the solution to this growing problem. Our Beauty is an online retailer which sells inclusive beauty brands. Using advanced AI technology,Mmuze, Our Beauty isn’t just an online retailer, it is a place for individuals to find a community, learn about beauty and experiment with cosmetics.

Our Beauty is targeted towards those who feel uncomfortable or pushed out of the current beauty narrative. Brands are continuously rebranding themselves as ‘authentic’ or more inclusive’, however, customers are becoming more sceptical of a branded message. “[There has been] a shift in culture towards greater representation of different backgrounds, ideas, perspectives and conditions” (Walker, 2019). The targeted consumers often find themselves in challenging positions to purchase beauty products, so the purpose of Our Beauty is to remove that barrier. Whether it is physical or mental. Our Beauty’s core values include honesty, authenticity, diversity, and inclusion and putting the customer first. Our Beauty will be the home for beauty lovers, allowing them to connect with new brands or interact with long-time favourites.

This project was born from a deep personal connection to the topic. I am particularly interested in consumer attitudes and behaviours and would like to explore positions within marketing, buying or public relations. Additionally, I am also interested in events management and merchandising.