Jana Kaur Sidhu

Jana Kaur Sidhu

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Nodel Agency

More than just a model.

With a keen interest in the designer market Jana Sidhu investigated current trends surrounding designer catwalks for her Final Major Project and responded to this new era of Role Models within the industry.

Nodel Agency is the alternative Casting Agency focusing on model’s identity by showcasing their talents and creativity. The evolution of Jana’s Final Major Project manifested into a plethora of outcomes such as personalised videos, website and the zine. In the above video one can see Nodel Agency meeting with model Kai who discusses his talents in skating, art and music, emphasising that he is more than just a model. The video on the right-hand side showcases the Nodel Agency Zine which featured interviews and work created by the models to further emphasise the concept of the Agency. In addition, Jana sought collaboration with a videographer, photographer and 6 models. Her role as the co-ordinator of the team saw her organise meetings, interviews and filming with collaborators. Furthermore, business acumen was gained through the business plan, marketing material and financial report to evaluate the profitability of the business. This provides evidence of Jana’s knowledge within business as well as creative and visual skills that can be reflected onto working within the fashion buying sector.

In Jana’s own time she involves herself in various styling projects. In the video on the left hand side one can see a snap shot of her styling work in collaboration with photographer Gift Gwambe and model Sabira Rawat. Following a brief and own knowledge of fashion trends Jana is able to produce styling work that reflects the desired look and concept of shoots. This emphasises Jana’s keen interest in the fashion industry and trend direction, which could be used to enhance her work within a job in fashion buying.