jade billingham

jade billingham

jade billingham

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020



"You cannot use up creativity. The more you use up, the more you have."

For the previous three years, I have studied Fashion, Branding, and Communication at BCU. I am a hardworking, efficient and motivated individual who has thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course and acquired many significant skills which I strongly believe will be transferred and adapted to my future role within the fashion industry. My strengths developed from my Degree are excellent rapport building, organisation, and high attention to detail, working efficiently in all projects/ roles. I am a great adaptor of change and always take great advantage of new opportunities to learn new skills. I believe I am extremely suitable and fitting for a role within the fashion industry.

My Dissertation focused on ‘If social media influencers are fuelling sales for fast fashion brands’; this covered four chapters focusing on the rise of fast fashion brands, sponsorships and endorsements, the influence of endorsements, and the sustainability of the brands. My primary and secondary research highly concluded that there are many factors that contribute to the rise of fast fashion however there are also many significant steps brands need to ensure they are taking to tackle this phenomenon.

In regard to my Final Major Project, I created a brand from start to finish. I created a luxury, sustainable beauty, and cosmetic subscription box for women aged 40-60. From this innovative design and branding concept, I, therefore, created all the logo’s and branding, the packaging and sourced the products within. With primary and secondary research, I carefully narrowed down my target audience and ensured I created a product and service suitable to their needs. I also designed and created a guide to go within the box, a PR statement and a mailer to send out as part of the promotional campaign. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with a photographer and an interior architect to further enhance my project.

Throughout my time at University, I have had the opportunity to collaborate on projects with BDA London and Fashion magazine Style Birmingham, this has allowed me to work collaboratively within groups and adapt to industry standard of work. My work placement for a social media marketing agency also enabled me to build on skills such as meeting short deadlines and creating new and exciting content for audiences.
I aspire after the completion of my Degree to be involved within a fashion role, predominantly within the magazine industry, however social media marketing and PR interests me highly.