Jada-Parris Marie Katie Salmon

Jada-Parris Marie Katie Salmon

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



My ethos is simple... 'Dedication, hard work plus patience' - Nipsey Hussle

Re:Juvenate, Re:Fuel, Re:Mind Retreat

A recent graduate with BA (Hon) Fashion Business and Promotion currently seeking a career within the professional industry with a strong interest and knowledge in Digital Marketing and Public Relations, keen to start my career within the fashion and technology sector. Throughout my final year at University I focused on topics that I was heavily interested in. My dissertation was rooted in Racial Equality; ‘An Investigation into White Privilege and the implication with Digital Marketing’.

I produced a thorough and qualitative study that delved into the ramifications of White Privilege, identifying the nuances in which race has shifted from its origin and how it is now perpetuated both unconsciously and consciously into complex spheres within professional organisations and private life. Through research that consisted of primary and secondary analysis, I investigated multiple factors that explored the evolution of White privilege and how it has become the new age of structural/institutional racism. From interviews, case studies and documentaries I was able to highlight the brave hearts that are challenging the system of inequality to gain an understanding of the positive impact they have had on the ethnic community and equality.

Although not directly based on racial equality my dissertation topics and personal interest led me to develop my Final Major Project. Throughout my dissertation I touched on points of how White Privilege is unconsciously entwined into schools, political systems and social spheres, this led to research into how the vast population is engulfed into technology with author Natasha Dow Schull identifying that ‘digital addiction is being built into systems of society in an inescapable scale’. In addition, my love of traveling and evidence of how constant connection to technology and the everlasting realm of activity has caused many individuals to run out of fuel; Re:Mind Retreat was born.

This retreat is Virgin’s first holistic wellness retreat, an innovative and luxurious new approach to relaxation, the retreat offers attendees a holistic wellness program that encompasses beauty, balance, rejuvenation, and healing. In conclusion, a digital marketing package was produced which included, a Re:Mind Retreat App ‘R Chat’, a website, promotional posters campaign, a tailored package and a brochure. The purpose of this project was to give consumers the opportunity to relax and escape from the daily routine, giving them time to reflect, breath and refuel.