Jacob Theo Walker

Jacob Theo Walker

Jacob Theo Walker

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Deflect Clothing Promotional Video by Theo Films

Creating Theo Films

During my last year of university i came to the conclusion my strongest asset was videography, a skill i have worked on for many years and enjoy endlessly. Uni has given me the opportunity to be around other creatives who are so talented. The Deflect Video shown was a result of a collaboration with a Fine Art student who has created his own clothing brand and was looking for a promotional video for his website. I am looking to be a freelance videographer, owning my own business and branding myself as Theo Films, i have slowly got closer to this goal thanks to my final major project, the result and great feedback from the Deflect video created more opportunities to work with other brands. Ive come from doing free videos to now being payed for my time as a videographer, i'm very excited to see where the future takes me!
This year i have learnt how to manage my time as a freelancer, planning my shoots, making connections with other creatives, branding myself and lots of new editing skills.
As well as creating promotional fashion videos, i photograph brands too, i've created packages to sell which include a mixture of video and photo, or both! With much better time management and connections i've had fantastic feedback from my first job photographing products and clothing brands.
With the help of a talented graphic designer i'm really happy with how my branding looks on my social media sites and videos, the last year has seen a vast improvement on the image of 'Theo Films'.
Jacob Theo Walker