Jacob Levine

Jacob Levine

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


The Link Up

An intimate lens into UK skate culture, post-luxury fashion integration. Traditionally considered the antithesis of streetwear, has luxury fashion changed the landscape forever?


Jacob Levine is a Birmingham based Visual Artist (Wardrobe Stylist & Art Director) creating projects which explore the intersection of luxury fashion and an empirical variety of youth sub-cultures.

Following the completion of a BA(Hons) Fashion Branding & Communication, his knowledge of fashion continues to be developed in a balanced way alongside realistic consideration of the economic expectations of the marketing objectives of a brand’s visual collateral.

Jacob’s style combines elements from an abstract aesthetic, coupled with examination of the intriguing paradigms of contemporary society. As a stylist, his aesthetic is continuously evolving; balanced by his professionalism and an authentic research base to all projects.