Isobell Carr-Johnson

Isobell Carr-Johnson




A fresh graduate whom studied BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion, aspiring to a Buying career within the fashion industry. This aspiration originates from a personal passion after studying in my first year at University, the Buying and Merchandising module. My devoted passion for this industry has been clarified throughout my studies at university, where I have gained knowledge and understanding through my work experience, my role for the 2 weeks was a Visual Merchandiser with little insight of a Buying role which then made clear what I want to do after my studies.

Final Major Project
This project is intended to give an update of progress so far in relation to body shaming through men and women.
It will show what has been done to move the issue forward and the actions and strategies used to fit with the plan. SwimCurvy sells what is arguably the most fashion focused swimwear with relatable plus-sized consumers modelling the collections giving them a chance to feel comfortable in their own skin. SwimCurvy is a body-positive movement which allows plus-sized women and men to feel as trendy and fashionable as the straight-sized consumer on vacations.

SwimCurvy starts their own trends as well as keeping up to date with the norm. The SwimCurvy tribe are well aware the issue of body shaming has grown to be an international problem and it feels like inspiring body positivity is everywhere these days but there is still a long way to go.
Lucky for you and thousands of other consumers around the world there is SwimCurvy. Swimcury is a great hosted ecommerce website and app that empowers the larger sizes but most importantly people who are affected by body shaming.
SwimCurvy is easy to use, hassle-free, easy to manage and an customizable online website/app with an secure checkout. It gives you control over your look and feel, it allows you to add products, manage your inventory and more. They focus on maximising SwimCurvy’s features to help drive customers
revenue and improve their customer experience.
The App will include powerful search and categorization so customers can easily and quickly find exactly what they are looking for. SwimCurvy use best practices so that product pages convert users to add more items to their shopping basket, It will guide shoppers down the conversion funnel to complete the checkout process. With this solution SwimCurvy aim to grow monthly sales by 40% by the end of the first few years.