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Isobel Stevens

Isobel Stevens



'No Compromise'

I am Fashion Business and Promotion graduate from Birmingham City University. Having explored the fashion industry within my degree, it has become more apparent that my main interest and focus is within the visual merchandising sector of the fashion industry.

Modules within my degree allowed me to explore the current shift within retail environments; from innovative retail spaces, to creators who are shaping the future of retail design. Through both education and industry experience, I have gained skills and knowledge of commercial awareness, visual communication, as well as being aware of the importance of financial consideration and the continuous changing market.

My dissertation and final major project was the consolidation of the skills accrued over the past three years of the degree, resulting in a creative, coherent, visually fluent and innovative concept.

The dissertation, "The impact of social media influencers on sustainable fashion consumption", aimed to explore the idea that the sustainability of the fashion industry is highly reliant on social media promotion, in particular the role of social media influencers on young millennials. Both qualitative and quantitative research was conducted to explore awareness of environmental issues associated with the fashion industry and how this influences consumer spending and consumption.

Dissertation research showed a gap in the market for a platform to discover fashionable, stylish and sustainable retailers. From this, the concept ‘No Compromise’ was created for my final major project. ‘No Compromise’ is a sustainable fashion conscious, multi-channel website. Features on the app allow consumers to make conscious purchases, from brands that have ethics, sustainability and fashion at the forefront of their business models. The channel also encourages consumers to promote circular fashion and reduce waste by selling their unwanted clothing.

‘No Compromise’ is a unique media experience that has been designed to meet the need of the growing number of ethically concerned consumers that are actively looking to support eco-friendly brands and influencers. “No Compromise” recognises that the current fashion industry is far from sustainable. With many consumers finding the current fast fashion climate overwhelming and less appealing, it has highlighted a gap in the market for a platform to promote sustainable and ethically conscious fashion brands and influencers. Research shows that within the 40-54-year age range, consumers have the financial means and ethical awareness to make active sustainable fashion choices. At present, these consumers have to consult a number of media platforms to inform their fashion thinking and behaviour, a factor, which deters some consumers in following their ethical aspirations.