Isobel Smith

Isobel Smith

Isobel Smith

COURSE: Textiles

Pathway: Constructed Textiles


Considering Simplicity

Considering Simplicity, explores the concept of balance to create calm.

Having taken inspiration from yoga and meditative practices, a collection has been created of Laminated knits with subtle surface interests which creates malleable textiles which encourage people to slow down and feel grounded. Inspired by minimal design; complementary, contrasting and imperfect shapes are combined to create surfaces that formulate together to create a new playful yet mindful material that invites contemplation. These endless combinations of shapes build up in rhythms alongside strong compositional motifs which creates a playful yet relaxed pairing. Combining tactile embossing and embroidery together will raise and press surfaces; creating additional satisfying yet subtle textures to knitted surfaces.

This new combination of neoprene with knit has created a solid and grounding material which allows potential for people to slow down and to form balance in their own surroundings. Whether this be through using the materials for creating a meditative floor space, Comforting leisurewear or even the potential for simplistic decorative art pieces.