Isobel Greathead

Isobel Greathead

Isobel Greathead

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Printed Textiles and Surface Design 2020



A contemporary collection of luxury graphic metal surface concepts and paper-based works, embracing nuances of mid-century and brutalist architecture in their design.

The collection is targeted towards the luxury market, with the option to use the metal outcomes for a range of applications, such as large-scale interior surfaces, within the automotive industry, architectural cladding, or scaled down for opulent jewellery pieces. Alongside the metal outcomes is a coordinating collection of placement designs, intended to be either transferred onto metal, or to be commissioned as large-scale wallpaper murals, also capturing a structural brutalist intent. The wallpaper and metal products can either be used individually, used together to create a coordinating scheme, or even to use the metalwork externally on a building, and the wallpaper internally.

The beauty of brutalist architecture is often a topic of debate, not only for architects, but for many in the wider community. ModBrut aims to take the modernist and minimalist elements of the brutalist style, and bring them to life with a new beauty, by conveying it in a unique, graphic way on the surface of metal.

Future trend forecasting indicates how important it is for us to be in touch with textural surfaces, and surfaces that catch our attention and encourage us to interact with them – and this collection provides just that. Metal has a cooling contrast to other raw materials, providing a refreshing sensory experience. Its reflective quality allows light to bounce around spaces in new and exciting ways and allowing as much light into our environments as possible is proven to improve our well-being.

With a strong skill set in photography, capturing cityscapes, urban spaces and architectural structures is a key driving factor for many personal projects, but plays a pivotal role in the development of this collection. These photographs have inspired mixed media drawings and collages, and were directly recreated on the surface of the metal pieces. Additionally, working as a designer within a historical context highlights the importance of celebrating design movements from the 20th Century, and bringing them into today’s creative movements with a contemporary outlook.