Isobel Follette

Isobel Follette

Isobel Follette



“I am passionate about celebrating and giving a voice to a new generation of multicultural consumers. We are redefining, breaking and questioning traditional norms in so many aspects. It’s an exciting time that should be celebrated!”

Graduating from a Fashion Business and Promotion [BA] Hons, I have developed career aspirations towards marketing. I want to bring authenticity to the marketing industry, celebrating the new wave of multicultural consumers.

Within my dissertation, I investigated how mixed-race identities effect Generation Z, particularly in media and advertising. Accordingly, I questioned how brands can reach this new multicultural consumer in an authentic manner.

This piece of work offered a thoroughly researched exploration into new cultures that are developing within future mixed-race generations and consumers. From the viewpoint of the consumer, to the brands portrayal of the consumer… new generations are redefining multiculturalism and brands must react to this.

From this, I developed Narrative Mag as my Final major project. A digital video magazine, Narrative Mag is a platform that gives a voice to upcoming generations in order to authentically speak on their individual, unique identity.

The concept sees contributors that are allowed to ‘take over’ the platform with a docu-style video that takes the viewer through a journey of a part of their identity, whether that be ethnicity, style, gender or career.