Isabelle Eaton

Isabelle Eaton

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Isabelle Eaton | Portfolio

I want to save the world, who doesn’t? As a graduate of BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion I have had the opportunity to explore this topic through a fashion perspective. It has been a journey that has allowed me to develop and learn new skills, to focus on the causes I feel passionate about and ultimately want to explore further from both an academic and career perspective. I aspire to be in a job that positively impacts the environment in a role such as Marketing, PR or Social Media as I have an unfailing belief in creating a better world for wildlife and people.

University modules have allowed me to explore a range of issues from the use of fur and skins in fashion, plastic pollution, eco-tourism, fast fashion and activism in the industry.

“How Generation Z are becoming the ‘young activist’ Generation and the impact this will have on the fashion industry”. This study investigated how a rise in climate protests and targeting events such as Fashion Week, a symbolic moment in the fashion calendar, could change complex consumer behaviour. The toxic mix of desire for fast fashion, along with the complexities of industry and governments contribute massively to the devastating impact that fashion has had and continues to have on ecosystems.

Final Major Project:
Created a new business concept ELSEWHERE; a type of eco-tourism founded on the principles of soulful hospitality. Primary and secondary research allowed me to identify a gap in the market for volunteering for one or two days (instead of the whole trip) whilst on holiday to give something back to local communities. My work was supported by a research document, business plan, app, website, and destination guide.

From January 2020 I have held a voluntary role as an assistant content editor for ‘Wild Mag’ an online sustainability magazine for students. From September 2020, I will be taking on the role of wildlife and environment editor. I also have my own blog which I have been writing during my final year of university focused on sustainability and travel.