Isabella Spencer

Isabella Spencer

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020



A BA (HONS) Fashion Branding and Communication graduate seeking employment within promotional sectors, with a strong interest in digital media, fashion styling, and marketing. Throughout my time at university, my work has been heavily focused on creative direction for photoshoots, styling and brand creation. I focused on topics relevant to today’s society such as, inclusivity, mental health and diversity within the fashion industry. Furthermore, I have recognised leadership skills by communicating and collaborating with selected creatives to contribute to my work. I am a motivated individual seeking employment which I can make use of existing skills alongside developing and growing in my career.

Major Project Dissertation:

Topic: ‘’Will Virtual Influencers be the Future of the Fashion Industry?’’
The dissertation explores and discovers whether Virtual Influencer will be the future of the fashion industry; research explored into how Virtual influencers have affected the industry so far and discovering why they have been created. Further, looking deeply into factors of the virtual influencer movement; digital fashion, gamers and apps. Analysing how these trends have influenced fashion and how they have been a counterpart for Virtual Influencers progression. Additionally, investigations into whether Virtual Influencers could potentially take over in real life influencer’s, models and industry professionals job roles; considering possible positive and negative outcomes. Also, research into how this trend will affect social media users and consumers, analysing what the general public think of the trend and how it could affect them in the future; discovering if Virtual Influencers could contribute to the influencer job role exactly alike humans.

Independent Final Project:

Following on from my dissertation topic, I created a brand concept called, ‘‘WIRED’’, which is an online retailer showcasing a variety of stylish, on trend high-street and high-end brands. WIRED is an 100% digital and virtual brand; the brand only uses virtual models for every part of promotion and ecommerce. Currently the virtual model/influencer market is lacking massively in diversity due to the virtual trend being very current; so I have created 5 virtual models to represent WIRED and portray a diverse visual image to engage with a wider consumer market and also expand the virtual model industry. Furthermore, WIRED is a sustainable alternative compared to the negative impact photoshoots have on the environment. I collaborated with a digital artist to create the WIRED virtual models; I used my digital communication skills to create a digital ecommerce website for the brand alongside promotional campaign via Instagram.