Isabella castronovo

Isabella castronovo

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Generation Z and the digital era in the fashion industry

“How has the use of social media and algorithms influenced our buying habits and how much control we have over them?”

The last three years have emphasized my enthusiasm for the fashion industry and provided me with the assistance to grow myself and my working style as I graduate with a BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion degree. I've discovered that I'm capable of producing high-end material for a variety of target audiences while adhering to briefs and deadlines, which will help me in the workplace. I have gained many valuable skills and experiences over the last three years such as teamwork, time management, presenting and practical skills such as Adobe software’s. I have found that my biggest and strongest interests lie in the fashion styling, buying and marketing and PR side of the industry, where I am seeking to pursue a career in these areas.

My dissertation (How has the use of social media and algorithms influenced our buying habits and how much control we have over them?) investigated how the use of social media and algorithms affect the way that we shop on a daily basis. With advances in social media and online fast fashion transforming the way that we shop through algorithms, I examined the social media and online buying behaviours of Generation Z to see how marketers are capturing the interests of the next generation.

Independent Final project
The Clothing Lab is a cutting-edge app that puts the art of personal shopping and self-discovery at your fingertips with a single click. It will take virtual styling to a new dimension as it will involve a virtual reality experience where consumers are styled holographically from their wardrobe. The application will connect to consumers wardrobes and holographically show them how outfits would look on an avatar of themselves that they have created.

Generation Z and Millennials with a passion for fashion are the target demographic for The Clothing Lab which was evident through primary research and my dissertation findings.
The Clothing Lab's goal is to reduce impulse buying and clothing waste. It also intends to make style more accessible and affordable, addressing a market gap identified through primary and secondary research.