Inez Ross McCulloch

Inez Ross McCulloch

COURSE: Foundation in Fashion and Textiles 2021

Signature Project

Hidden in Plain Sight

The magical landscapes of my childhood in Scotland such as the Fairy Pools, and Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye inspired a great interest in Folk, Fairy tales and Fantasy. They have other worldliness and yet with Fairy and Folk tales, somewhere in the past they must have been based on some truth our ancestors experienced and passed on by word of mouth. Researching different tales for my project I came across a copy of Hans Anderson’s Best Fairy Tales which first belonged to my Great-great Aunty Gwen. A book published in 1945/6 on War Economy Standard paper. At first The Rose Elf seems like an innocuous tale but in amongst the delicate and beautiful imagery there is a dark and sinister story.

The Aim of my project was to explore the duality of themes such as light and dark, good and evil and life and death in, The Rose Elf, a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, to create a range of fabrics/wallpaper that reflect the duality of themes in this tale.

Progression: BA Hons Textile Design
Inez Ross McCulloch