India Parfitt

India Parfitt

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Welcome to my Portfolio

When promoting sustainability ‘Instead of expecting people to do the inconvenient thing and buy something that is more expensive or less fashionable, we need to try to find ways to meet people where they are, and consider human nature when we develop marketing campaigns or new products’ - Dr Daniel Benkendorf, professor of psychology at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Independent Final Project: MYO
This project was generated around the idea of making shopping more sustainably easier and more enjoyable for students in Gen Z. While shopping for clothing consumers prioritise price and accessibility and while turning them onto more sustainable behaviours these are the key areas to target.

MYO was developed as an online library for clothing that allowed its users to borrow from the brands they love, with ease at a lower cost. The tribe targeted by MYO struggles with the internal conflict between self-realisation vs self-actualisation, so while they are growing concerned about their impacts on the environment, they also struggle with FOMO causing them to engage with impulsive behaviours contradicting their concerns. Rental fashion allows consumers to try all the clothing they want while extending the lifespan of each garment and slowing the rate of clothing waste in landfills, the perfect solution for a tribe who only wants to be seen in an outfit once.

International Retailing: GU
Using a combination of market research, brand research and critical analysis an in-depth expansion strategy was planned out for successful, Japanese fast-fashion chain GU into the Thai Market. The project identified Thailand as a potential growth area successfully matching GU’s target demographic and exhibiting beneficial market practices.

My desired career path is to become a brand strategist helping brands to become more sustainable. These projects have allowed me to showcase the analytical research skills and the collaborative directing skills that would apply to the job role. Throughout these projects market analysis and consumer research was present to develop the directions of the brands, and how they might enter and gain success in a new market.
India Parfitt