COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2017

TITLE: Would you like a cup of tea?


City speed is much more faster than before.People working fast,eating fast and many cities are very fickle.
Are they enjoying their life?
So basically the concept is to reflect the busy city and busy living.Also try to remind people to think about what is the most important thing in their life. I design a group of garments which is allow people to having a cup of tea on the street. I got most of the inspiration from a book . People sharing photos on Instagram to show the wonderful moment in their life and that is the moment people enjoying their life. It is what I want to express from my garment. So why not slow down and think about what you enjoying about your life?
"Would you like a cup of tea?"-to slow down and think about what's in your life and what you enjoying about your life.

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