Honor Nicholls

Honor Nicholls

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Ubiquity Mag


With a natural visual eye, throughout my studies I have developed a passion for the creative side of Fashion Business. I have accumulated a range of transferable business and creative skills which have helped me to hone my passion for creating functional, yet visually sophisticated pieces of work. I enjoy learning about the world of fashion whilst having a creative outlet, pursuing interest in photography, collecting inspiration and painting. My three- year part time job at a four-star hotel and resort has also given me the tools to easily communicate with high profile guests and clients from all over the world. During my time at university, I have been able to develop interests in styling, branding and art as well as skills in buying, trend forecasting, marketing and PR.

My dissertation question “How can fashion brands in the UK work towards a sustainable business model, whilst providing to a fast -moving millennial market?” surrounds research on the destructibility of the fast fashion industry. Throughout the report, I explore the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, then move onto discussing how brands are already taking steps towards a more sustainable future as well as looking into the mindset of the primary fast fashion UK consumer and their attitude towards shopping more responsibly. The report concludes by looking at the future of a circular economy and evaluating whether the proposed methods are financially viable.

‘Ubiquity Mag’ is a seasonal print publication serving as a platform of communication surrounding sustainability. The project looks at giving a voice to The Silent Generation and Post- War consumers to share their experiences and make-do-and-mend attitude, to influence the mindsets of younger consumers through interviews published in the magazine. Each issue of 'Ubiquity Mag’ follows a theme surrounding a ubiquitous object that the interviewees are questioned on, the first issue being food. All content will be solely focused on the single object to produce beautifully curated imagery and artwork through carefully selected collaborations with creators. ‘Ubiquity Mag’ is a celebration of collaboration in making the ordinary, extraordinary.