Holly Woodward

Holly Woodward

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Sleep Sanctuary

"Sleep is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity"

“The way to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is getting enough sleep” (Huffington, 2010)

With 43% of British women claiming that they do not get enough sleep at night (WGSN, 2016), sleep has now become a luxury to many. Research shows that no country in the world manages to be able to get 8 hours of sleep a night when 7-9 is what is advised by specialists. Great Britain alone has an average sleep time of 7 hours and 24 minutes, and with scientists becoming concerned that populations now have a higher risk of developing chronic illnesses, this could be challenging their daily lives and relationships, as this can become a very dangerous and expensive problem.

Following on from extensive research and recommendations from my dissertation, Sleep Sanctuary was created.
Sleep Sanctuary was designed to help those who have a daily struggle of having good quality sleep and helping them tackle the issues and their concerns. It's a retreat where consumers can go to gain further knowledge and understanding about sleep and how it benefits our everyday lives. They will have the opportunity to stay in one of our specially selected hotels and spas for a weekend where they are able to relax and escape the stress of their everyday lives. Whilst they stay, they will tend a number of different workshops and class exercises that will help them tackle the issues of sleepless and restless nights and are then able to take what they have learnt home with them and imbed them into their everyday lives.

The first video is about the general theme and feeling that you get from Sleep Sanctuary and where the inspiration for it has come from.
The second video is a page turner of my 'Competition' module which is where i looked closer into making Sleep Sanctuary and finding all the correct and appropriate research to justify why Sleep Sanctuary is needed on the market.
The last video is also a page turner of my dissertation which is where the inspiration for Sleep Sanctuary. My dissertation was based on the topic of 'Sleep' and looked into the science of why we sleep and the processes that our brains go through whilst we sleep. It also looked into what causes us to have disturbed and lack of sleep and if it can be improved by beauty products and natural remedies.