Holly Ward

Holly Ward

Holly Ward


Pathway: Design Menswear 2019



As a Final Year student at Birmingham City University specialising in menswear, my design aesthetic denotes a hybrid tailored, sportswear style inspired by youth culture from the past and present.

‘Suited Hooligans’ is a project inspired by the ‘Teddy Boys’ and the Early 2000 ‘Chav’ scene combining the two styles to form a hybrid collection featuring tailored shapes with sporty elements. Print was explored through a combination of classic checks and dogtooth, developing them in a sporty contemporary manner, experimenting with large scales and graphical compositions.‘Teddy Boys’ were the first youth group in Britain to create a youth market by differentiating themselves as ‘teenagers.’ Some formed gangs and following violent clashes with other gangs, gained notoriety for their violent lifestyle. This being similar to the stereotyped idealisation of the British ‘Chav’ whom have become recognised for their loutish behaviour, violence and speech patterns.