Holly Walker

Holly Walker




“We are definitely seeing the influence of a new breed of young travellers, millennials and gen Z, who are combining technology with a real desire to explore the world while still adhering to their faith-based needs” (Fus Mickiewicz and Friend, 2017).


BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate aspiring to a styling career within a studio environment or job role. This aspiration originates from a personal passion for creativity and expressing individuality through apparel. My enthusiasm for this industry within the high street has intensified throughout experiences through a part-time job alongside my studies. Combined with the knowledge learned during my degree I have gained valuable communication, research and interpersonal skills which I am seeking to transfer into future roles.


MoodTrip is the exploration of key drivers personalised wellness; emotional engagement and urban nature taken from my competition module where I drew threads from my dissertation – ‘To Investigate the effects of technology on mental health amongst generation Z’.

Inspiration: Research highlights that wellness travel is an emerging market within younger generations as they are projected to spend more than £76.3 billion annually on travel by 2025. Keen to explore new destinations to indulge in their desire for escapism, younger generations are heavily centred around connecting with others through their smartphones (Moss, 2018) and are more likely to trust peer-to-peer recommendations from their social media (Fus Mickiewicz and Buchanan, 2016), whilst engaging with new experiences (Fus Mickiewicz and Friend, 2017). “With health and wellness now a key concern for consumers across demographics, wellness tourism has evolved from a niche portion of the travel industry to become its fastest growing sector” (McGregor and Smith, 2018).

The concept: A social travel app aimed to help consumers find locations that are tapping into wellness around the world based off the reviews of other travellers. The core aspect of this concept is the mood rating users can attach to their posts allowing them to use their emotions and corresponding colours to represent places across the globe.

A Business plan, marketing booklet and mobile app were the final outcomes designed and created throughout final major project. All digital skills gained during this process are transferable abilities I would like to develop further within a stylist role in a studio shoot environment.