Holly Lewis

Holly Lewis

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


The Plastic Fantastic Exhibition

“Selfridges is much more than a shop - it’s a social place and we want people to remember their trip as unconventional and fun. It’s a compelling and memorable destination”

I am a (BA) Hons Fashion Business and Promotion graduate from Birmingham City University. In my final year I focused on topics including; lifestyle, environmental and fashion issues as well as research into a more sustainable future. This research has been tailored from the beginning of my comprehensive and independent dissertation study "Is living a disposable lifestyle disconnecting us from nature", which then led to further development in my Competition and Final Major Project modules. I am now seeking an entry level job within the marketing sector, for a sustainable and conscious brand to further develop my skills.

The concept for my Final Major Project Plastic Fantastic targets consumers who are looking for more experiences rather than materialistic things, whilst educating them on the importance of plastic pollution. The Plastic Fantastic exhibition will be an immersive, interactive experience in all four stores. Plastic Fantastic will be collaborating with both Selfridges and 4Ocean charity to create the exhibition. The exhibition space will include a live streaming projection tour, to give the feeling that you’re in the ocean, with an opportunity to adopt a marine animal in a meet and greet experience.

The Exhibition will aim to target the wide range of consumers who shop in Selfridges, however it will particularly hope to attract Millennials, who are seeking experiences rather than materialistic things. Plastic Fantastic will aim to target Generation X, the typical Selfridges consumer, seeking to buy into new and sustainable products. They will also use the event as an experience and educational opportunity to involve their children in. The installation may just be an exploration through light, projections and architecture, but it is through the interaction that Plastic Fantastic will aim to use to win people over.