Holly Jo Lacey

Holly Jo Lacey

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020




I am a conscientious, motivated individual with a keen interest on not only customer service but buying and visual merchandising too.
Working for Kurt Geiger as a Senior Brand Ambassador since June 2016, I have excellent knowledge of seasonal trends, completing trade reports, styling and working within customer demographics and helping my team secure various promotional success.
I have also completed a work placement in their PR team as well as being an intern at The Sun Newspaper.

Through working in retail, my curiosity in the development of the high street has deepened resulting in me completing my dissertation around this topic. To understand what the high street does for different consumers, I decided to base my independent project around the shopping experience for those with autism.

This Independent Final Project module was an opportunity to develop a piece of work that captured and enhanced the skills developed during my University journey.

I wanted to focus beyond just the fashion industry and look to find a gap in the market that would be of benefit to the retail and lifestyle sector.

My project focused on the experiences of an autistic shopper on the high street.
Research into autism was key along with both primary and secondary research into the current high street offerings and the actual experiences of autistic shoppers and their parents/careers.

Following this research journey, I created the concept of a unique and exclusive shopping experience on the high street for those living with the challenges of autism.

I created a bespoke high street shopping space, that would make the shopping process easier and more enjoyable for autistic children and their parents/careers

To bring the concept to life I collaborated with a designer to create a 3D mock-up of my desired store and developed an operational website. To demonstrate the viability of my concept a supporting business plan and financial analysis was completed.

The whole process was an opportunity to look at future career aspirations and showcase my creative and business acumen.

Documented on this page is my research document, business plan, 3D store, and my website viewed on an iPhone.