holly george

holly george

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Final Major Project

"Because self-care is health care" - Aria

Graduate in Fashion Branding and Communication with strong interests in Creative Direction, Marketing and Social Media. Throughout my studies at Birmingham City University, I completed a five-week internship with London Based Artistic Director Harris Elliott; Working alongside Harris presented me with opportunities to connect with brands developing and building relationships. I have explored a range of subject areas from Marketing to Creative Direction, to Branding and Public Relations. Throughout the duration of my studies at University I have been able to develop on skills with brand collaborations, sourcing research from various angles, bringing visions to life alongside photographers and confidently producing heavily researched pieces.

My Final Major Project came to light through the idea of changes in communications and the impacts of Social Media amongst the millennial generation. I independently developed and constructed a zine and products box subscription, Aria; the zine subscription acknowledges real people with real struggles unedited, sourcing primarily conducted surveys and interviews with millennials to gain a richer and more accurate perspective of their thoughts on the topic. I investigated the impacts of social media and subscription services on an individual millennials mental health; this intergraded through to digital sites creating easier access to anything at the click of a button reducing social and physical interaction; acquiring reliably sourced statistics on the negative and positive perception Social Media is given, receiving mixed responses depending on the use of social platforms. The acknowledgements of research portrayed a strong declined in social interaction and physical outdoor activity over the years through the strengthening of technology. In order to produce a subscription that was fully functional and presented a point of difference from its market competitors, the extensive research investigated into direct and indirect brand competitors exploring price points to marketing, target audience, and promotional campaigns also constructing a brand adjacency to navigate where the subscription would sit amongst its competitors.