Holly Drake

Holly Drake

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021




I am a Fashion Business and Promotion (BA Honours) graduate from Birmingham City University. Throughout my course I have been provided with insight into the fashion industry and have been guided towards my future career path. I have learnt how to produce exceptional consumer and brand analysis', product ranges, store and marketing concepts and much more. From my invaluable experiences throughout the course, I have further developed my skills such as team work, time management, communication and also practical skills within Adobe Creative Cloud. I have come to the conclusion that my biggest interests are in fashion buying, social media and marketing.


The overall intention behind this study was to investigate the levels of inclusivity of fashion brands and to evaluate how neuro-diverse customer experiences are affected, by these levels, in the mass market. Research identified common distressing sensory stimulations between both neuro-diverse and neuro-typical individuals whilst shopping, alongside brands incompetence to address these struggles by neglecting to modify store layouts and environmental factors. Further research established a
lack of neuro-diverse representation within the fashion industry, and discriminatory evidence against these individuals, through campaigns and collaborations featuring only physically disabled women and legal proceedings and media reports against fashion brands inaccessibility and mockery of disabilities. Although there are some examples of fashion brands creating inclusive environments for neuro-diverse customers, they seem to predominantly ignore the complexities of potentially the majority of the population, and lack legal requirements stated within the Equality Act 2010, failing to provide training for stakeholders on how to ensure correct proceedings and accessibility for disabled individuals.


Through analysis of consumer attitudes and experiences, alongside the potential reasons for the decline of the high street, my final year work was centred around creating an interactive visual merchandising concept which due to entertainment levels, enticed customers to shop in store as opposed to online. The concept also ensured sensory-friendly elements for customers who are sensorily overwhelmed, such as escape pods and calming corners.