Hoi Ching FUNG

Hoi Ching FUNG

COURSE: Fashion 2016

Pathway: Design for Performance 2016

TITLE: Pokémon- Personify Generation

Personification React.
To Afresh the Appreciation in Cosplay.
The Goal of this project is to present the personification of Pokémon in Cosplay which is inspired by the culture of animate. This collection is created with some intracacies and details which is making focus on colors presentation and techniques. As the characters: Flareon and Jolteon's powers are fire and electricity, they was adjusted on both of the make up and fabric by using muti-colors to show their characteristics. Both of their skirt and collar are the most attractive part which are made by number of tears to develop 3D layers. They became more possible like fire and electricity since I made the decision that using muti-colors of organza and net together to build their shapes.

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