Heather Rachael Harriet Duhig

Heather Rachael Harriet Duhig

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Emotional Branding


"Consumer researchers have found that emotions evoked by products enhance the pleasure of buying, owning, and using them"
In a society where emotions are more openly discussed, brands are tapping into this movement to increase their connections to consumers.
Exploration into how emotional branding influences consumer engagement & loyalty created an idea concept for consumers to use their own measured engagement to receive real time product suggestions.

Research that surfaced throughout gives strong indication that future consumer engagement and loyalty will be reliant on how brands are able to connect emotionally with consumers. Companies must be able to integrate emotions into their branding, as well as data collection and promotion. Investigation of more modern methods gave in-depth discussion of the use of technology to aid emotional branding, including brands being able to offer more personalised recommendations based emotional data and imagery.
Following from research into emotional branding gave way to the app concept E, an app using emotional data from users to register high engagement levels with products.

A large part of the concept was developing marketing material to fit appropriately with the selected target consumers. Completing a digital marketing course online aided this process, with an extensive breakdown of social media marketing techniques and the use of SEO (search engine optimisation), Click Through, Conversion Rates & ORM (online reputation management).

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