Hayley Mcfarlane

Hayley Mcfarlane

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Embrace


“Post-surgery is definitely a key growth area. We are becoming better and more open in discussing women’s health issues" - Amanda Partridge
Providing women suffering from inflammatory bowel disease a choice of fashionable and functional lingerie and swimwear products post-surgery
Due to graduate from the Fashion business and promotion course, I have developed a wide range of skills and experience throughout the three years. For my dissertation I focused on hyper-sexual advertising and marketing campaigns within the fashion industry and the impact such campaigns have on society. With this, various methods have been researched thoroughly, which highlights how other industries are collaborating with the fashion industry for marketing purposes. Throughout the dissertation, I interviewed key industry professionals and gathered secondary and primary research to aid my work. For my final major project, I produced an idea which was influenced by personal research into inflammatory bowel disease. Throughout my research, it became evident that there is a gap in the market to cater for a niche target consumer of women suffering from IBD after having surgery. Therefore, 'Embrace was created, a lingerie and swimwear brand specialising in providing women with on trend designs that suit their needs, putting both comfort and fashion at the forefront. The business is based in the UK with selected Debenham's stores stocking the brand, as well as an e-commerce platform also providing the consumer with a social platform to share advice and tips with other women like themselves. The final major project consists of a business plan, a range plan booklet with design examples of the lingerie and swimwear, price points and size ranges, and also a mock up booklet which includes examples of marketing material. The main passion throughout the FMP was to create a brand that boosts the confidence and comfort of female IBD sufferers whilst wearing intimates, as well as raising awareness for the illness.

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