Harry Lloyd-Turner

Harry Lloyd-Turner

Harry Lloyd-Turner

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Menswear 2020



NEO Menswear

During 2020 the entire world suffered from a global pandemic, Covid-19. This included a mass lockdown which disrupted the fashion industry. In January of 2020 it was recorded that the average market capitalisation of apparel had dropped almost 40%, which was a drastic regression compared to the stock market as a whole. It has been said that it could be the biggest economic hit since WW2, but NEO is here to be your very own Housewife and make do and mend. NEO was created with the vision to make a change and be creative with sustainable fashion. This meant we couldn’t see unsold stock go to waste. Being frugal and stylish in times of hardship can be tough but knowing that £140 millions of wearable fashion ends up on landfill each year already we cannot add anymore! NEO is already extremely conscious about landfill, the longevity of clothing, and working alongside charity stores to gather fabrics and reusable clothing. This is and will be a strong foundation to who NEO is. Global Fashion Agender is informing companies to rebuild a more responsible fashion industry after the global pandemic, and we are with them! Survival is key! Therefore, working together, we can lift the fashion industry back on top. Throughout NEO’s brand development many company’s such as ‘Adidas’ and the UK’s leading luxury retailer ‘Flannels’ explained how they are collaboration friendly, and ethically conscious. This then led us to pursue that these two prestigious brands could collaborate with NEO. The aim would be to be given access to all the unsold “pandemic stock” from these brands. All the stock would then be creatively turned into a positive collection framing the fashion movement and global pandemic in an artistic light. This would effectively cancel the overstock crisis and reduce any extreme markdowns as the season changes. To cope with the “new” fashion industry NEO will continue to reuse overstock and or charitable clothing. Creating contractual agreements with other companies and investing profits into charity shops for more clothing NEO will ideally never run out of stock. According to NEO the term reuse can be used numerous amounts of times, therefore even stock that we have created could even be repurposed. Having a circular fashion cycle in clothing is going to be the next step in fashion and NEO is always thinking of new innovative and creative ways to keep the environment safe. With that being said it is extremely hard to be 100% sustainable but with the help of other brands and, working as a team, the pandemic stock will be 100% reused.