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Harrison Jones-Cross

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As a graduate of (BA HONS) Fashion Business & Promotion, I am now currently searching for a position in industry within the marketing or trends forecasting sector. Through my time at university I have further developed my creative, and business based skills, leading me to be a well rounded graduate. Developing research skills, both primary and secondary has been an important role throughout my time at university and has been something that continues to peak my interest and enthusiasm in industry. As well as studying, working part-time in retail has developed my product knowledge, visual merchandising and customer service skills.

Marketing & PR

This module, although in first year- allowed me to get a deeper insight into Marketing and PR as sectors, and the processes that are set in motion to reach consumers- and why they work. Focusing on Mango and introducing a celebrity collaboration- creating marketing material to surround this, such as press boards, mock-up events, mock-up advertisements and so on.


My dissertation focused on the creation of trends by the music industry and how this is influenced/influences on minority groups, through fashion theories, one particularly important one was the trickle-up, trickle-down theory. Through primary and secondary research it was determined that minority cultures were used as somewhat of a fashion inspiration for those who already have everything, but without giving credit- cultural appropriation was clear to see in these sectors, and reflected a wider societal problem, not just one in the development of new trends, that were derived from these minority cultures.

It was clear to see that inspiration is constantly taken from different cultures in the development of new styles and trends- however there is a fine line between appropriating, and appreciating a culture.

Harrison Jones-Cross