Pathway: Design for Performance 2019


FPS Fitness, Pole and Aerial Hoop FMP

For my FMP I have worked alongside three individual Clients that train at the award-winning FPS Fitness for a live Showcase, I was given the task to design and create 3 bespoke costumes that fit their theme and individual music choice, whilst also ensuring my designs and fabric choice were suitable for the routine they needed to perform.

2 of my clients were focused on Pole and 1 was Aerial Hoop, in their performance there was a lot of bending and turning upside down so I had to ensure my costumes would not restrict them whilst also ensuring their body was not exposed to much.

My costumes were all made from lycra and involved lace, rhinestones and also the use of Lazer cutting.

The theme was a school disco, the 3 clients had to select a song each. From there song choice, I then had to develop my research around their song, ensuring that their costume links and has elements to the song for their performance, this involved weekly meetings and discussions on fabric choice, designs and colour.

When developing my research I looked into the clothing for pole, aerial hoop and subculture, Burlesque and Rock clothing was also an inspiration when designing.

A professional Videographer was hired and photographer for my FMP, this was all shot at The FPS Studio which was privately hired out were we recorded their performance, all work will now be used for both mine and their portfolios

This project has overall taught me about the making and design process for dancewear and the use of Lycra, the skills I have learnt during my FMP I can take forward and use again when working in theatre or freelance.