Hanqing Cao

Hanqing Cao

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Global Culture

(BA) Hons Fashion Business and Promotion Graduate from Birmingham City University, aspiring to secure a role within the digital marketing industry. This course enables me to learn a wide range of topics, such as Event Management and Marketing and PR. I have learned a lot of professional knowledge and skills. Continuing to study the course of Digital Marketing is my next plan. I will also combine what I have learned with practice. All in all, in the future study, I will constantly improve myself and achieve my ideal goals.

Event Management:
In this project, I worked in a team with 6 peers to creat a Chinese culture event called “The Chinese Four Arts” and host a fundraising event for St. Basil’s Charity. I worked as Social Media Manager, I was responsible for the operation and promotion of all social media accounts. This project has developed my digital marketing skills and let me learn a series of skills such as how to manage social media accounts, online promotion, online live broadcast, etc.

Major Project - Dissertation:
“Investigate The Negative Impacts Of Cultural Appropriation And How To Better Integrate Culture Into The Fashion Industry”
The aim of the dissertation is to investigate the negative impacts of cultural appropriation and explore opportunities for better integration of culture into the fashion industry. Especially for millennials, this article also collected their thoughts and behaviors through questionnaires and focus groups. It is worth noting that due to cultural differences there are two focus groups (Asian and European). In addition, there are not only primary research but also a large number of literature to support the dissertation.

Independent Final Project:
In Independent Final Project, I created an online platform called "Global Culture", which is to enhance the connectivity of culture travelers. I made a detailed business plan and presented the platform in the form of visual video. The outcomes included a website, an app and a promotional video. In addition, the project also included collaborations with industry experts and students so that to show the platform more professionally.