Hannah Yafei

Hannah Yafei

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Hannah Yafei - Final Year Projects

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln.

I am a Fashion Branding and Communication graduate from Birmingham City University. With my experience gained through the university degree, I have explored many aspects of the fashion industry throughout the three years. It has become more ostensible that my key interest and focus is within the marketing sector of the fashion industry.


During my final year, I have been able to focus my research and gain knowledge with relationships/collaborations brand have done, within the fashion sector. This led me to investigate the relationship between fashion and religion in my final year dissertation. The dissertation title, “Asses the use of Catholic Iconography luxury brands use in fashion marketing.” This study was aimed to investigate the issues and impact of Catholic iconography has on the fashion industry and their consumers. This research was driven from my interest to examine the challenges faced within the use of Catholic iconography used in fashion marketing and to understand consumers perception of the use of religious iconography used in fashion statements and fashion accessory through quantitative and qualitative data.

Carrying out my research from the dissertation, it stated the importance of fashion accessory in the fashion world which lead me to focus my Final Major Project (FMP) on fashion jewellery. Many designers have collaborated with artists, to create the most memorable unique pieces of ‘art-meets-fashion’. But there was a gap in the market of artwork being used in fashion accessory. Therefore, this driven me to focus my concept on the intertwined relationship between contemporary art and fashion accessory. I explored and experimented with one-line drawing and abstracted jewellery, as it was a current trend in fashion. Collaborated with an artist, Chiral Jewel’s key focus is to bring people closer to architecture, fashion and art. The lookbook was designed to express emotions and connections in today’s society through art. When both art and fashion combine together it brings self-expressionism, into one.


Outside of university, I have gained a lot of experience over the past year in understanding brands target markets through my job as a retail associate at DCK Group. Even though I am a RA, my job requires a lot of visual merchandising for many different companies such as Topshop/Topman, River Island, Boots & Tesco for jewellery displays. I follow visual merchandising guidelines, out-posting and follow weekly bulletins, to make sure all the jewellery stands presentation is up to their best standard.