Hannah Whitehouse

Hannah Whitehouse

Hannah Whitehouse

COURSE: Textiles 2018

Pathway: Printed Textiles and Surface Design

Botanical Flourish

A collection of seasonally appropriate floral prints for the high-end menswear market, inspired by the intricate and representational qualities of botanical illustrations and created by observing and documenting the natural beauty of common flowers.

On completion of the dissertation, research findings concluded that although florals are evident in the men’s fashion market, they are seen far more often in women’s fashion. They are slowly becoming more accepted and more widely available, though the current selection on offer in the menswear market is limited. Often monochrome, or abstracted, the beauty of botany is not often represented in men’s fashion prints to the level that it is in many women’s and interior collections.
The growing acceptance of the neutrality of floral prints corresponds to the increasing demand for unisex and ungendered fashion. This collection aims to appeal to men as the focus, but has scope to be appreciated, and worn by anyone.
Through detailed and considered mixed media drawings inspired by botanical illustrations, motifs and compositions are developed which demonstrate the delicacy of nature. The unfinished feel that pencil offers when set alongside painted detailing indicates the space still left for growth and development both in society’s understanding of gender, and the fashion markets exploration of unisex designs. To ensure the final collection is relevant and commercially viable, designs are created using seasonally appropriate florals, with the collection covering prints for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.