Hannah Milner

Hannah Milner

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: LIV. Magazine


Age only matters if you're Wine, Cheese or Scotch...
"Old is the now new and cool, which bodes well for an ageing global population." (Livonia, 2016)
The word age is often seen as a cliché, over used and tiring. It is perceived as something that should be feared. Instead, it should be something embraced and celebrated; life is a precious thing. When it comes to fashion and age, stereotypes come into play. Who is to say that when you reach a certain age you loose the freedom to wear what you want? Today the aging population is growing more than ever before; people are living longer and living healthier.

According to a new study from The Age of No Retirement, “Nine out of 10 Brits feel there is too much age and generational stereotyping in the media” (Hobb, 2016). This needs to be addressed not only within the fashion industry, but ageism as a whole across all sectors. Aging is an important aspect of every person’s life; something people choose to handle differently as individuals. Age is a natural process and so an approach should be considered for the older generations to not feel as though they are being constantly reminded of it and after all, age is only a numerical number and state of mind.

Agesim. Age is just a number; An investigation into ageism within the fashion industry. The dissertation documented explores the stereotypes and preconceptions of ageism. It continues to investigate into how the older female consumer perceives marketing of the fashion industry and how they are portrayed through brand advertisement. It follows on to exploring how consumers choose to enhance themselves to become the best possible version of themselves and finally identifies the new generational cohort as a result of this.

Life Is Vintage is a solution for this tribe. Liv is a dual sided lifestyle publication that is tailored towards targeting the independent female baby boomer. These women are taking a new and innovative approach to ageing and do not conform to the normal traditions. They may not be married and they may not have children yet they still want to be treated equally. Liv magazine is made up of four components, Travel and Food on the front with the reverse being Style and Beauty. Liv’s first edition is for the spring, showcasing unique beautiful places to visit, recipes to try and beauty articles alongside top tip style advice.

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