Hannah McNally

Hannah McNally

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



Internationalising American beauty brand Glossier to London, UK with an experiential showroom and café concept.

"Millennial consumers desire unique, memorable and immersive experiences which they can digitally share on social media."

BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion has provided me with a variety of knowledge and skills which can be applied to various career sectors. During the course, I developed a strong interest in marketing, particularly enjoying the International Retailing and Marketing and PR modules. My final year projects have been focused on the beauty market as I would like to pursue a marketing career in this sector. The extensive market research conducted in my Dissertation has equipped me with valuable industry insights, enabling me to produce a justified and professional outcome.

For my Final Major Project, I created a concept to internationalise American beauty brand Glossier into London, UK with an experiential showroom and café - this can be viewed in the top video. It was evident in primary and secondary research that consumers are no longer excited by traditional looking high street stores. Millennials in particular, desire unique and memorable experiences which they can photograph and digitally share with their followers on social media.

The concept “Make London Glossier” is justified with a thorough business plan that details the core consumers, direct and in-direct competitors, business operations and financials. It is designed to meet the needs of the “Beauty Mavericks” tribe with a seamless in-store experience that is infused with interactive technology. Additionally, the store design and visuals have been carefully selected to create an Instagram-ready environment, enabling Glossier to leverage consumer generated social media content with brand awareness. To the right, there is a full-size 3D Sketch Up model of the Glossier showroom and cafe, which I created using Google Sketch Up.

A marketing plan was also created which included a 12-month timeline of strategies, advertising visuals, social media mock-ups and collaborations with industry experts. Marketing strategies include “influencer takeover” events and online competitions, which engage with the target consumers and assist the overall marketing objective to increase brand awareness and market growth. The conclusion offers practical future growth strategies which can be implemented after the 1-year review.

My full portfolio can be viewed at hannahjmcnally.myportfolio.com