Hannah Louise Marsh

Hannah Louise Marsh

Hannah Louise Marsh





" I think a world where half of our countries and half of our companies are run by women would be a better world." - Sheryl Sandberg

The solution? A 21st-century service for women offering a flexible working environment, a holistic wellness clinic, fitness studio, and creche; all under one roof. With the high-flying millennial lifestyle in mind, the service is designed to provide a community to business-savvy women. A perfectly balanced blend of business and pleasure. The NEST allows women to maintain a healthy and enjoyable work-life balance; a key ingredient for progression.

My dissertation study evaluating how effectively high-status women within the retail industry use their influence indicated undeniable evidence that gender inequality in all elements of the workplace is still very much alive today, with women often sacrificing progression in their career to become a parent. The evident lack of flexible hours provided to women within the workplace contributed significantly to "Working Mum Guilt; " a concept that has led to the number of retail female CEOs appointed decreasing between 2015 and 2018; accounting for just 5% of all CEOs (Newton, 2016.) A series of recommendations were drawn up to conclude the dissertation; in which provided inspiration for this Final Major Project, "The NEST."

Graduating from BA(Hons) in Fashion Business and Promotion at Birmingham City University, I possess a toolkit of refined business and creative skills ready to put into practice whilst looking for an opportunity within the PR and Marketing field. During my time on the course, I developed strong communication skills, honing my personal approach when networking, in both a professional and personal environment. This skillset enabled me to thrive on my PR placement, with my employer stating that "I have a knack for talking to people and knowing what they want before they do." Alongside in-depth industry knowledge and experiences, I have a strong awareness of current PR campaigns and marketing trends. This final project reflects my aspiration in pursuing a career in communication and public relations.

My personal portfolio is available at https://hannahmarsh.myportfolio.com