Hannah Louisa Webb

Hannah Louisa Webb

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: ASOS Immersive pop up store


Consumers are looking for new spaces in which to socialise, share, engage and learn
Consumers want to go on a journey with brands now instead of shopping without purpose. Retailers need to find ways to meet consumer needs.
It is no secret that the retail world is constantly changing. In such a vast and globalised market, it is increasingly difficult to offer a product with a Unique Selling Point. Therefore, retailers who are aware and want to keep up with millennial’ demands, have focused their energy on offering a UXP (Unique Experience Proposition) in their store environments. As consumers, we now have many options to choose from, regarding where and when it is more convenient to shop. That´s why, there should be a good reason to make us want to visit a physical store. We are increasingly moving towards the so-called destination stores, which offer in-store experiences that help retailers to stand-out from the competition.

This project proposes opening a digital immersive pop up store in Birmingham for 3 months during the Spring/summer season 2018. Not only will it allow ASOS to test the demand for a physical presence on the high street but will also allow for ASOS to spread their brand identity and build a stronger emotional connection with their customers.

The tropical themed pop up shop aims to generate revenue for ASOS while continuously promote the brand in the Birmingham area. ASOS will measure the success by sales revenue, customer feed back, footfall into the store and increased sales on ASOS.com during and following the pop up store.

Following a successful project, we could be seeing one of the worlds trendiest fast fashion websites popping up in retail locations all over the globe.

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