Hannah Gartland

Hannah Gartland

Hannah Gartland

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Constructed Textiles 2020

Woollen Escapes

A collection focussing on the concept of escapism and evoking the feeling of relaxation.

This collection of bespoke hand knitted interiors, were made to be used within places of rest, primarily holiday lodges and woodland retreats to implement a sense of escapism for the consumer.

These products will have the potential to generate a sense of escapism – whether that is through nostalgic memories created when viewing or touching the products, or through the cosiness and textures of the interiors, to help the consumer to escape reality and relax.

The concept of this collection strongly relies on the soft material qualities and the sense of calm you feel when you wrap yourself inside a warm, chunky blanket. Inspiration came from the intertwining shapes found within the woodland environments.